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29 Apr 2024

The 19th International Conference on Genomics in Bangkok


Notice of ICG-19-THA Conference

The organizing committee of the ICG-19 is thrilled to announce the 19th International Conference on Genomics Thailand part (ICG-19-THA) will be held at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok on May 18th and 19th, 2024.

This year’s conference promises to be meaningful, featuring not only the traditional academic sessions of ICG but also introducing an intriguing forum – Transformation and Application in Longevity. We have invited numerous guests for this topic, including Professor Brian KENNEDY, known as the “Singapore’s Anti-Aging Guru”, Professor Alexey MOSKALEV from the Institute of Biogerontology of Lobachevsky State University, and Guanghui LIU from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, among others. They will make their debut in Thailand, leading us to unveil the topic of anti-aging and explore how to effectively address the challenges of human aging.

The ICG-19-THA will continue to uphold the spirit of the Human Genome Project (HGP) – “Owned by All, Done by All, Shared by All”, advocating for global and human-wide sharing, especially promoting international cooperation among developing countries.

You can access the conference’s official website and register for the conference by scanning the QR code to get the latest information.Looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference!

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For more information about registration, invoicing, exhibition and participation, please contact: icg19@bictimes.cn

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